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Return Policy

We understand items may occasionally become damaged during the shipping process. You have 7 days after receiving your jewelry to notify us of any damage. Returns will not be authorized unless we are notified either by email. Any unauthorized returns will be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please report defective or damaged goods immediately.

Errors and Mistakes on this websiteons from the toolbar.

As we are only human, sometimes we will make mistakes when formatting the pages of this site. As such, if you encounter a typographical error such as a product with a $0.00 price tag, it will not be honored. Instead, we will correct the mistake as soon as possible. You will be contacted with the correct price and you will be invited to reorder this product. Your previous order will be cancelled.


Our jewelry is hand crafted from Mother Earth's Natural Stones. In nature, no two stones are exactly the same. This collection is unique and one of kind. The shape of two stones may be similar but the color patterns and striations within each stone will vary and produce an individual message to the wearer. While we can attempt to reproduce a similar piece if requested, no two items will be exactly the same.